Meet The Members of Famous South African Pro Twerkers

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You've never been judged for "twerking." False. Now, everyone will either smile or look horrified.

West Africa has long had twerking. Hip-hop culture is where it's most widespread today.

Many celebrities followed the pros during 2013's twerking craze. South Africa's Pro twerkers dancing crew was inspired by Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus.

When twerking went global, everyone tried to keep up. Some African dance queens caught up with western-style and soon outperformed trend-setters. First-time South African women dancers declared themselves publicly. The group was called Pro twerkers.


QueenTwerk Nketsi, Faith She joined before the enthusiasm subsided. She departed Pro Twerkers to become a model and socialite. Her photos had the internet drooling. She's been in Cassper Nyovest's video. She's collaborated with Davido. Faith Nketsi is a club promoter.


South African socialite Kimberly Kholiwe Nonomde Cindi has posted photos of her curves online. She was known for her twerking talent as a member of the South African Pro Twerkers. She's pals with Faith Nketsi, another internet-famous model.

Kimberly Kholiwe Nomonde Cindi is a social media beauty. This goddess is beautiful. She accentuates her curves and dresses comfortably. She has 596k Instagram followers for these reasons.


Samantha Malinga is another former Protwerkres member. Last, she's started posting Instagram photos of her body. She's changed since her twerking squad days.


Someone might notice that she shares a name with Samantha Malinga and ask if they're related. Indeed, Theresa, Samantha's sister, is well-known.


Refiloe Nketsi is not ashamed of being a married mother, unlike most of the Mzansi twerking clique. Despite disliking the socialite lifestyle and wanting a quiet life, she shares exciting events and experiences on Facebook and Twitter.

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