Sonko Flaunts His Beautiful Bedroom Look As He Makes Video Calls To His Team Insomnia Fans

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In the recent past former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has been trending on the social media for his great exposure that has been catching a lot of attention from most of the Kenyans. Apart from exposing the rot in judiciary video leaks, the former Governor has been engaging himself with his followers in the Facebook account bringing them together and even sending money to them.

However the former governor has attracted a massive attention from most of his fans after his morning move to make video chats with his followers asking them to cover themselves with the towels if they are on their bedrooms so that he can call them as they send their numbers. As this happens he has displayed his beautiful bedroom with parallel shoe racks and a table in the middle which is golden in colour.

He made different video calls to different Kenyans Who are lucky to be called by the former governor as he makes live chats with the friends following him in his facebook account

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