2 Popular Bishops From Ghana Who Share A Relationship With Bishop Oyedepo

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Within the boundaries of ministry, ministers from different countries, sometimes different continents entirely, do form bonds of friendship, based on certain factors.

For instance, two ministers who are from different countries or continents can share the same spiritual father, hence, the bond between is established, which may even be an eternal bond of friendship sometimes.

In the Nigerian church, one of the most respected ministers of God is Bishop David Oyedepo - the founder and Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church (LFC), also known as Winners' Chapel.

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Oyedepo has close relationships with a couple of ministers from various countries and continents. However more particularly, Oyedepo shares a bond of friendship with two ministers of God from the neighboring African country, Ghana.

Therefore, this article was written for that purpose, to reveal who these ministers are:

1. Arch-Bishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

Duncan-Williams is the founder and Presiding Arch-Bishop of Action Chapel International ministry, headquartered in Accra, Ghana. 

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Duncan-Williams is a friend of Oyedepo, and the bond both ministers of God share was born as a result of their close ties with the late Nigerian Charismatic leader - Arch-Bishop Benson Idahosa.

Duncan-Williams and Oyedepo were spiritual sons of Idahosa. According to this video, Duncan-Williams asserted that both he and Oyedepo were close to Idahosa, and even met in the latter's bedroom.

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Although Oyedepo and Duncan-Williams are contemporaries in ministry, they received spiritual nourishment from the same source, Idahosa, and this made them share a relationship.

2. Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

Day Heward-Mills is the founder and Presiding Bishop of United Denominations Originating from the Lighthouse Group Of Churches (UD-OLGC) formerly known as Lighthouse Chapel International and the United Organization of FirstLove Churches in 190 nations (UO-FLC 190).

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Heward-Mills is a Ghanian minister, who happens to be a spiritual son of Arch-Bishop Duncan Williams. According to Ghana Web, Duncan-Williams claimed that Heward-Mills was his favorite of all these spiritual sons in the ministry.

However, Heward-Mills shares a good relationship with Oyedepo, perhaps because of the former's close ties with Duncan-Williams.

During Heward-Mills 58th birthday celebration, Oyedepo made a video to wish the former a happy birthday, and encourage him for the work he has been doing in the body of Christ.

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