"If You Want A Bigger Liar In This Country, It Is Bawumia'' ~Sofo Kyirabosom Alleges (Watch)


Reverend Christian Andrews, also known as Sofo Kyireabosom, the flag bearer of the Ghana Union Movement (GUM), which has now become Ghana's third force in the 2020 general election, has called the vice president of the Republic of Ghana a big liar. Many promises were made by the vice president, according to Sofo Kyireabosom, such as one district, one dam, boreholes for villages, arresting the dollar, and so on, but none of these pledges have materialized.

"The president and vice president can't do anything," Sofo Kyireabosom said in an interview at his church office. Bawumua has lied numerous times and continues to do so. He keeps lying about how I'll do this and that, but there's nothing like that on the ground. Can we put our faith in someone like this? People will begin to believe in him only if he changes in the years ahead. To be honest, if you want a bigger liar in this country, look no farther than Vice President Bawumia" "You could look at his face and tell he's lying to you."

"You could look at his face and tell he's misleading you while he's speaking to you."

What do you make of this? Do you agree with him or you think he is just expressing himself?

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