We May Soon See New Accra As Tree Planting Programme Is Ongoing At Madina Highway


This is one of the best project that plead my heart since the beginning of the year, I remember similar opportunity was given, someone planted stones at circle, same opportunity someone is planting trees. At that moment, the person did the right thing seems one can't plant a tree under bridge but was possible to have planted flowers and green grass, fence the place with wires mesh arrest and prosecute anybody who hawk on pavements by enforcing the laws on people. All the same the stones prevented hawkers not to sell under the interchange.

We need more initiatives like this to boost the beauty of the country, but not big vocabularies in expressions without actions. I understand we have the men but the right appointment will carry the country far, the new Greater Accra Regional Minister is doing great job as he commenced Tree Planting Programme along the Madina highway and very soon we may see new Accra.

Ghanaians must work together, let’s help them off their work, it’s not easy the Minister and his team are doing their best for the capital city especially at Madina. I still can't believe they have made it possible for people to exercise their bodies everyday with that zigzag foot bridges at the Zongo junction. They may need our support to do same for Tetteh Quarshie round about and the Awoshie -Pokuase highway.

We are very good at starting a project but maintenance culture I think is another factor of Ghana's problem, after planting which company takes in charge of maintenance? Although this is the job of the Sanitation Ministry which owns the budget to that effect, if not very soon they will tell the Public Accounts Committee that they planted the trees in dry season and I can't wait to see the amount involved in this project.

I suggest they dug mechanical bole hole along side the road resevers lanes in various point, use the water for the irrigation of such tress and if possible they should add fruit tree like mangoes and coconut to the royal palms. I think will help when there’s traffic, we can get down and start plucking when its ripe. On the more serious note the Sanitation Ministry should replicate this across the country by considering one house one tree policy as a mandatory sort of if possible.

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