"It Is Better To Live In Nigeria Than To Live In The US," US-based Nigerian Says And Gives 6 Reasons


Relocating from Nigeria is the dream of a lot of people. You can hear discussions about leaving from groups of students, groups of office people, as well as groups of common people drinking beer in the bars. The fascinating thing about all these people and their dreams of living, is that most of them have never travelled out of Nigeria, or even Africa before, and all their knowledge of life abroad is drawn from movies and TV shows about life abroad. They have no idea how common and ordinary people live over there.

Meanwhile, a Nigerian, who is based in the United States has come out to say that living in Nigeria is better than living in the United States. His points were uploaded on the official Twitter account of Cool FM 96.9 Lagos. Here are some of his points, and tell me if you agree with him.

1) He claims that food is cheaper in Nigeria than in the United States. Yes, the exchange rate between the Naira and the Dollar is $1 to about 500 naira, but he claims that a Nigerian can use 500 naira to buy food, while nobody can use $1 to buy food in the US. It's true when you think of it. I am a student, and honestly, I spend only 250 naira for lunch and dinner at school!

2) He claims that insurance in the US is much more expensive than insurance in Nigeria. My dad works for an Insurance Company, and it seems like this is true. Yes, I know some people who spend the amount of money he mentioned or even more, a month, on insurance premiums, but isn't it depending on the value of what you're insuring? Maybe he means health insurance, and I don't think it costs that much. Honestly.

3) He claims that the average house rent for even the smallest of houses in the US is equivalent to the 2 years rent of a house in Nigeria. I pay 150,000 naira a year for rent for my self contain apartment at school. That could be true, if what he says is true.

4) He claims that you can go for months without recharging your SIM and there would be no implications in Nigeria, but in the US, he spends a lot for phone bills and failure to do so would lead to the blocking of his SIM.

5) He claims he had to work on Saturdays and Sundays just to support himself, but in Nigeria, Sundays are basically free days. Offices close for the weekends in Nigeria. I really don't know what to say about this one.

6) Racism. How would anyone forget about racism? I mean, there's no racism in Nigeria. We're all black here! He claims that the police would show brutality to black people, and they have to work extra in order to have a good life, just because of your skin colour. I've read a bit about racism in the US, but isn't it kinda similar to tribalism in Nigeria? And isn't police brutality what we protested against a few months back during the #EndSARS protests? Just saying.He claims that the United States is better than Nigeria in some areas, but it depends on whatever angle you look at it. He also claims that many people living in Nigeria, live more fulfilled lives than people living in the United States.

So, this is like first hand information from a Nigerian who lives in the US, about how life really is like over there. It looks really different from what I know from TV shows and stuff. Do you believe him? Do you agree with him? Would you still want to leave Nigeria? Would you want to remain here? Let me hear your comments about this piece of information.

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