The Department of Health Has Released Crucial Information To The Public

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"I wasn't centered around what he had done or could in any case do," these are the expressions of the chivalrous attendant who figured out how to quiet and calm an outfitted man who killed three individuals during a shooting occurrence at the New Somerset Hospital in Cape Town.

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Functional director Sister Diane Seale and her group have been commended for their courage and exceeding all expectations to save incalculable lives.

On Saturday, May 7, Seale was directing her standard handover process when she got a call from a partner in trouble.

Seale said she could hear her associate shouting and the partner who picked up the telephone educated her regarding a quarrel on the medical clinic's subsequent floor.

The post has been circulating on the facebook social media platform, which serves the purpose of informing the public about the daily news happening globally.

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