OPINION: The 5 Most Insecure Celebrity Fan Bases In Nigeria

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One of the things that keeps celebrities of any sought in Nigeria going is their Fan bases (that is the regular people who stand by them come rain come shine), and it is these people that we will be looking at today.

On the other hand being Insecure is a state of being uncertain or anxious about oneself ( Not confident), on the ground of the above defined words we are going to be looking at Celebrity whose fans are mostly anxious and uncertain about the people they are flagging for, and for this reason tend to do many things to stir their celebrities to continue trending on a daily basis.

Here is the list of the 5 celebrities with the most insecure fan bases in Nigeria

1. Wizkid FC: The star boy family who are better known by the name of Wizkid FC are the first on our list today, for a fact anybody who has come across this people especially on social media will testify to how controversial they are, the Wizzy crew are ready to continue a beef for more than necessary in order to prove that Wizkid is better than other Celebrities, One of the things they are fond of doing is over hyping Wizkid's deeds even when he does wrong, all to prove that he better than others though in ignorance showing their fears.

2. The Elites: The former Big Brother Naija beauty is one of those celebrities who has a fan base that is so insecure, that they can go as far as physical war with anyone who pinches them just to prove Erica to be the best in her category, this people who call themselves Elites are just the best when it comes to social media wars and beef ( fear them), but trust me they are also the best when it comes to showing love to their queen (taking her 27th birthday for Instance ).

3. The Outsiders: This is another group of people who know how to hype their leader Burna-Boy just to make sure he is declared the best, the Outsiders as they are often called can spend almost all they have in order to achieve this singular purpose; More so they can team up with another fan base just to make sure that there's no worthy competition or comparison for Burna-Boy, this base has no sympathy of seeing things from your own point of view other than burnaboy's.

4. The Machinaries: Right from the season 4 of the Big Brother Naija reality show, Mercy Eke and her Machineries have proven what they can do, for instance fashion hyping of their queen, trending hash tags and beefs especially among her cliques, this people are really ready to do what is very nearly impossible to prove their Lamborghini mercy as she is often called the best.

 5. The Ravers: Often times before now, there has been series of arguments as to who was the best between Rema and Fireboy, though the answers have started revealing itself the Ravers are those type of people who will refuse coming to terms, more so this base can hype their Lagos brought up stars as if there is no tomorrow, nevertheless the one unique thing about them is that they are never afraid.

Having seen these celebrities whose fan bases made it to this list what do you have to say, which other Celebrities fan base do you think should be added to this list as far as insecurities are concerned in Celebrity lifestyle in Nigeria.

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