Was Nasty C The Little Boy In “Gods Must be Crazy” movie? - Check Details.


Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo, better known by his stage name Nasty C, is a South African rapper, musician, and record-maker. Brought into the world in Illovo, Durban, KwaZulu Natal territory of South Africa, where he then migrated, at an early age, to Durban where he was raised by his father.

A popular Twitter user identified as Paul Webs has claimed that South African rapper, Nasty C featured in the 1988 movie ”The Gods Must Be Crazy”.

He wrote this on his Twitter timeline ”How old were you when you got to know that Nasty C was the little boy in “Gods Must Be Crazy” movie? ” and shared a picture of a young boy who featured in the movie claiming it was Nasty C.

Others have disproved his claims saying that it could not be Nasty C because the movie gods must be crazy is a 1980 movie, and Nasty C was born in 1997.

Could his cases be truly obvious? Keeping an eye on the Names of The Cast on Gods Must Crazy Movie we were unable to discover Nasty C's Name. 


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