Why Corona Virus Strain In Third Wave Is Serious Than In Previous Waves


You don't cough,No fever. It's joint pains,general body malaise,loss of appetite and Covid Pneumonia. The strain is not domiciled in the nasopharyngeal area.The nasal swab will be negative of Covid-19, it's getting to the lungs directly meaning the window period is shortened.An X-ray report shows mid- chest pneumonia.A lung swab(deep lung swab will turn positive. This is causing acute respiratory distress due to viral pneumonia.This explains why it has become acute and more fatal,as per KRC.

Covid-19 presents with dry cough, hotness of body, running nose,fever, difficult in breathing.It can be prevented by keeping social and physical distance of at least 1.5 meter distance, proper wearing of face masks, avoiding kissing, avoiding hugging,regular hand washing with soap and running water, avoiding crowded places, avoiding hand shaking and coughing on curved elbow or on tissue paper and disposing it immediately and Covid-19 vaccination is the way to protect individuals against Covid-19 infections.

The virus has undergone mutation making it change it's mode of attack to the host and how it presents upon getting into the host.

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