Video: She slapped him after she caught him molesting her from behind in a bus, See what he did


A video of a woman is now going viral on Twitter after she caught a man molesting her from behind in a bus. According to reports from Instablog, the lady revealed that he touched her three times and she was thinking that it was his leg.

As we all know people with long legs can always find it hard to squeeze their legs in a public bus. Surprisingly to the lady, she turned to tell him to adjust his legs but she caught his hand moving back towards his body and she got angry.

She started shouting on the bus as passengers were telling her to calm down. She kept her cool and faced front then the man hissed and she slapped him and tore his cloth and the man started acting like he was deaf and dumb to avoid more beatings from people around.

This happened on a bus that was on its way to Lekki. Tap here to watch the video.

Here are some screenshots from the video below:

What do you think about this man? Did she react in the right way or she should have taken the case up?

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