Asanteni Vihiga County, Raila Expresses Excitement after Receiving a Heroic Welcome in Western

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The tour of the Western Kenya region by Raila Odinga which kicked off on Wednesday has so far proved to be a success after the Azimio team was received by a mammoth crowd in Vihiga County.

After holding a massive rally at Cheptulu, Raila expressed his happiness through his official Twitter handle. He thanked the residents of Vihiga for coming out in large numbers to listen to him. He further promised to walk together with the residents of Vihiga until the end.

“Thank you very much Cheputulu, Vihiga County, we shall come back again. We will walk together,” said Raila.

Vihiga County is the home county of one of the Kenya Kwanza principals Musalia Mudavadi and therefore one would expect a cold reception of Raila in the region however that was not the case.

Raila has for a very long time enjoyed the support of the Vihiga County residents and it is perhaps the reason why he is still getting a heroic welcome despite Mudavadi having joined DP Ruto.

For the rest of the week, Raila will traverse the whole of the Western region moving from one county to another to lobby for support ahead of the polls.    

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