More Pictures Of The Igbo Couple Who Committed Suicide Yesterday


Its a pity to leave this world this way. To all my family members and loved ones I might have disappointed with this abominable act of mine, I sincerely apologize"

"Its very easy to say suicide is not an option but i do not wish my enemy to go through what I am going through right now. We will all meet to part no more. Rest in peace Emmanuel Okikechukwu Evans Ochiotu".

Those were the heartbreaking last words of another young Nigeria who succumbed to the evil grips of depression alongside his girlfriend in the early hours of yesterday the 25th day of February 2021.

According to the Facebook post, the young man named Emmanuel Okikechukwu Evans Ochiotu had been battling with depression for a while but nobody knew about it.

Emmanuel Evans took to his Facebook page to drop the suicide note in which he tagged his girlfriend named Amaka Okafor. Immediately one of his friends saw the post, she had reached out to Emmanuel's girlfriend on her own Facebook page to inform her of her boyfriend's post only to find out that they had committed suicide together.

Depression indeed is real. I pray no matter what may come our way, we never consider taking our own lives.

A news website confirmed that indeed they were couples and they had commited the act together by drinking Sniper.

RIP to both of them. Pray God grants their families strength to bear the loss.

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