Men: 3 Common Things Women Who Cheat Say When Confronted


The fact that you are thinking of confronting your cheating partner indicates that you are sure about them cheating. In all probability, you have noticed some guaranteed signs of cheating. Do you know the most common and shockingly unbelievable things cheaters say when confronted?

Below are 3 the things cheaters say when they are caught.

We’re just friends.

Yes, people can have platonic friendships. But when your partner is being confronted about cheating? It’s a tired and predictable answer. Emphasizing the friendship can actually raise suspicion when enough warning signs are present.

They will deny it.

This is one of the most common things cheaters will do. They will deny it, no matter how much proof you have that she has been unfaithful to you.

You don’t trust me!

This is a form of gaslighting. Your once significant other will ironically use trust to make you feel bad about a situation, while clearly breaking your trust.

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