Mudavadi Opposes Huduma Namba, Says It Will be Used to Rig Elections

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ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi has opposed the use of Huduma Number In the 2022 general election. According to him, It's clear there are people out to use such to rig the 2022 general election in favour of a certain preferred candidate by the deep state.

Mudavadi is clear Kenya has come far especially in matters elections rigging and we must not get there anymore for Kenyans want to elect a leader of their choice. Mudavadi is clear the government wants to use Huduma Number to control what happens in the 2022 general election something all Kenyans must reject in totality.

Mudavadi is clear some of the things happening today cannot be allowed to continue as such will heavily affect Kenyans. Mudavadi wants Huduma to never be part of the 2022 general election.

Musalia Mudavadi is clear the government has already taken sides in support of Raila Odinga and therefore there was no way the system of Huduma can be used. He is clear Kenyans do not have confidence with Huduma Namba as well most voters do not have the card at the moment.

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