Too much salt and sugar intake and other 3 factors the causes tooth decay.

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Its a well known fact that cigarettes are rich in nicotine, yet in addition in tar, which can firmly add to teeth rot and staining.

2.Too much Sugar and salt Intakes.

Microscopic organisms flourishes in sweet food varieties, and the more you devour and allow sugar to get comfortable and coat your teeth, the higher the possibilities creating holes in the blink of an eye.

Sodium can likewise debilitate your teeth. A great deal like bones, tissues make up your teeth depend on calcium to give them construction and strength. A high sodium admission is displayed to expand how much calcium your body discards through pee, which can prompt osteoporosis and tooth misfortune.

3.Lack of Fluoride.

 Fluoride assists your teeth with building obstruction against corrosive and plaque, also it likewise makes them more white. You can ask your dental specialist on suggested tooth glue brands wealthy in fluoride.

4.Poor Oral Hygiene.

 It isn't sufficient to recall cleaning your teeth every so often; it should be reliable and careful. You additionally need to floss ordinary, brush your tongue, and routinely use mouth wash.

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