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THEY DECIDED to have a no-strings-attached relationship when they met in January of last year. 

For a while, the woman and her Ben 10 got along swimmingly. 

Everything went awry when Ben 10, who is 28 years old, acknowledged he had feelings for her and desired more. 

Because she was uninterested, the enamored young man resolved to give her korobela. The woman (48) from Mofolo, Soweto, tried but failed to get rid of the korobela. 

She revealed to the Daily Sun that she and Ben 10 spent a lot of time together. They were both single at the time. 

“I gave him money in exchange for a good poke,” she explained.

Ben 10 began telling her in January that he'd caught feelings and couldn't fake any longer. 

“I've had a lot of bad luck in relationships, so I wasn't interested in dating him, especially since he's almost half my age,” the sugar mother explained. 

“I laughed it off and told him not to repeat it again. I went so far as to threaten to dump him.” 

The woman claimed that Ben 10 had stopped appearing, but she began to have feelings for him in April. 

“He's not even my type, so I was concerned right away. I mentioned him to my best friend, a sangoma.

“My friend told me he gave me korobela and advised we go to another sangoma to double-check,” she explained. 

The other sangoma confirmed that she had been given korobela and provided her some muthi to drink. However, the muthi did not function. 

“I was enraged. “I contacted Ben 10 and he advised me to relax and everything will be fine,” she explained.

When Ben 10 served dinner for them, a friend (47) stated she observed him put korobela on the table. But she'd had too much wine and had forgotten that the man didn't eat that day.

“I warned her about that boy,” says the narrator. I don't like him, especially after seeing what he did to my friend. I'll wait for her approval before dealing with him,” the pal explained. The woman's korobela was given by Ben 10, an IT graduate.

“It was initially about money, but I developed affections for her,” he explained. “I want to prove to her that I can be a nice husband. She is deserving of it. I hope she understands I'm not attempting to harm her.” He claimed that he was uninterested in girls his age. Sangoma Josephine Mwelase of Benoni claimed she'd never encountered such obstinate korobela before.

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