Sonnie Demands An Apology From Mulamwah If He Wants Keilah In His Life

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Mulamwah and his ex Sonnie have been in a rough path this couple of days with Mulamwah exposing ex lover on the reasons they broke up.

He went as far as to declare that Keilah is not his child, just for him to come back and re-write the post from Keilah is not my child to Keilah is our child.

Confirming that he played mind games with his followers. Despite being couple goals for a while , life spares no one , life has to happen be it sweet or bitter

Just today Mulamwah posted a video of him and Sonnie on his Instagram and some photos on his insta story, but Sonnie din't want Kenyans to jump into conclusion that the duo is back together .

Sonnie posted on her Instagram that she is so done with Mulamwah and demanded an apology to their daughter, the parents and everyone involved and he should do it publicly.

And Mulamwah went ahead to also confirm that they ain't back together and it's all for their daughter Keilah Oyando.

What do you think about all this mind games Mulamwah pulled on Kenyans?

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