"Matungu Na Kabuchai Ni UDA" Omanga's Post On Facebook About By-election That Has Elicited Reactions


Former Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga's post on Facebook has made Kenyans to have mixed reactions, both angry and hilarious reactions. After the police used "excessive" force to disperse rowdy citizen in the polling centers where by-election are conducted, Omanga who is ally to Dp Ruto had something to say.

(Photo| Omanga)

She said that even if they will use excessive force, violence and intimidation, UDA members will still fight to protect their votes. She went ahead and speculate that "Matungu And Kabuchai Is UDA". Meaning they must and will the by-election since the citizen in the area supports UDA.

(Photo| Omanga's Post)

This post has made Netizens to say it's very unfortunate at this century this is still happening. Here are some of the reactions from Netizens.

Charles Kanyi: Very unfortunate this is happening at this century. System! Will of people will prevails. Regardless all intimidations.

Simo Cool: Unaguard ukiwa wapi juu sikuoni uku ? Ama uko kwa nyumba karen??

(Photo| Courtsey)

(Photo| Courtsey)

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