If You Don't Like How You're Addressed, Check This


Many young people don' t pay attention to the way they dress. They appear in public any how they like it. This is not the attitude of leaders or successful people.

Leaders or successful people pay attention how they dress. They are intentional with their appearances because they know that how they dress determines how they will be addressed. Of course, they know they are leaders but until they dress and appear as the leader they are, they will never be called leaders.

Dear reader, you are a leader. A leader is someone who shows others the right way to do things. Leaders are those who knows that no matter what they face today, the future is bright for them. Leaders see beyond their today and look into the future. So they always dress the future even if it does not look like it today.

How you dress determines what you attract. When you dress like the CEO you desire to become, you move towards your dream. Don' t wait until you become a CEO before you start dressing like one.

Do you dream of becoming a teacher or pastor? Start dressing like a teacher or pastor today. Whatever dream or personality you hope to become, appear like it from now.

Before you set out each day, look in the mirror and ask, " Am I looking like my dream self? Is this how a king should dress? "

Check your hair if it' s well combed. Check your shirt if it is properly ironed and not looking rumpled. Check your shoes if it' s properly polished. Be sure your colour combination is not what will cause riot when you get out. As a matter of fact, be certain that your overall appearance speaks great of you.

Remember, you' re addressed the way you dress. Want to be called great, then dress great.

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