Famous Footballers Who Have Missed The Highest Number Of Penalties- Messi And Who Else?


Footballers are unique for those who rule the world of football. Some are famous like the two famous stars Lionel Messi, Cristaino Ronaldo. They have several records in football history and some also are like them. This article will list two famous players that have missed the most penalties.

Penalties are considered has a game of luck and chance but we must not neglect skill at all. Several penalties have been taken by several footballers. Some footballers have shown profound dominance in their penalties and some have done otherwise.

#1. Lionel Messi- The King

Known as a GOAT(Greatest Of All Times), he has also done several loses in penalties though he has done justice in his position of striker. He is so really talented with football but at penalties he has lost 26 penalties in total.

He has just surpassed Cristaino Ronaldo in the number of missed penalties. Out of 110 penalties he has successfully put 84 penalties in the post. After marking his 33rd birthday yesterday, he clocked 33 years and his fans sang his praises.

#2. Cristaino Ronaldo - Star Player

Another GOAT in the world of football is ranked the next after the faithful Messi. He has taken 132 penalties throughout his football career and has converted 109 to goals but has missed 23 penalties.

He is another "god" in the field of football but he also has lost several penalties. Though controversies are there on who actually is the best player amongst both of them but I think Ronaldo considering his number of penalties he has salvaged amongst other reasons.

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