Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga Praised For His Big Heart After He Tweeted This.


Raila Odinga at a past function, Picture Courtesy.

The world is rapidly changing to accommodate the apocalypse literature that man will be proud and full of themselves. We often see politicians and celebrities walking armed with cameras to Capture every aid rendered to needy people an act which is not common with the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

According to many he is one of the most stringy prominent persons in Kenya because he never mentions any financial support he offers to anyone. Following his recent tweet where he had visited the family of Benjamin Ayimba to offer them support, he received praises from netizens with few spewing out negative energy.

Though he didn't mention that he gave them financial support, white envelope held tightly by one of the female relatives summarised everything.


Abu: The good thing is that Baba will never go around advertising how much he gives. I remember visiting him with my fellow student leaders back in then when I was in school. Baba gave us 1.5M, and we were less than 5 guys. He wrote about our visit not about the money.

John: Baba only offers prayers and hope in public the rest he does in silence,when Billy Mijungu was in ICU he paid his medical fee never talked about it until recently when baba also contracted the virus that billy revealed the amount baba paid.