Isaac Ruto Receives Blow After Bomet Elders Decide To Blessed Hillary Barchok Towards 2022 Polls


As 2022 general elections approaches, political in Kenya is now at higher momentum, where in Bomet county a ceremony for endorsement of Governor Hillary Barchok when on very smoothly.

Hillary Barchok is the current Bomet Governor after the late Joyce Laboso passed away in few years ago due to cancer.

According to the law of the constitution, Hillary Barchok was sworn in as the Governor after considering the seat of being Deputy.

He has been in his seat for about 3 years and being a young growing politicians Barchok has decided to seek help from Bomet Elders to give him blessings so that he will win Bomet Governor seat in 2022 general elections.

The endorsement when on successful where all the tradition rituals was done, with an aim of making Barchok contest for the next general election in 2022.

The ceremony was held in Oswet at Sotik sub-county where the elders performed all the rituals before blessing and handing him a symbolic leadership rode which he will be using in his campaigns.

Click the link below to watch the whole video:

The ceremony has a lot of impacts to Isaac Ruto who is believed to be running for the same seat in Bomet county, will these cause a swipe again to Isaac Ruto who is bidding for Bomet County Governor?