Bottoms up club commonly known as Octopus has closed it's doors after 43 yrs.The famous club is located in Kisumu. The shelves where liquor was stored will now fit I guess 'Chuma za doshi' and some Mabati since in it's place now sits a Hardware.

The club lights dimmed in January at the peak of Covid 19 outbreak hence attracting revellers who leased it out.

The residents have been hoping for the club to reopen it's doors after closing due to the restrictions placed to curb the spread of the virus although their hopes have been drowned after seeing the famous graffiti 'Octupus' being changed to the name of the hardware.

The club had only being closed once(When Mzee Jomo Kenyataa died) from 1978 when it was established by the three brothers.

Turning bottles upside down to drink it's content was the reason why the club was named Bottoms Up This is according to William Roman Mc Tough, One of the club owners.

We hope the new business to Carry on the legacy and believe the owners will come up with more job creating opportunities

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