Social Media Reacts After A Young Man Knelt With His Expensive Suit For Prayers


Social media reactions after a man post this picture and statement."I was expecting the Bishop to advice him and not to pray for him.His character has nothing to do with prayers,insulting and attacking elders have nothing to do with prayers"

He only needs an advice as a young man, and not time wasting in prayers. 

He will come back to square one with his dirty talks.So TRUE. Wish I can like this post a million times.

Prayers can also be a form of advice. Ghanaian attitude towards person criticality left much to be desired. What do we mean by ‘insulting elders’?

Attacking nd insulting isn't the problem if he's right or what he's saying is the truth. He's just insulting baselessly, all lies, untruthful character, that's my beef with him, I hate bloody liars In the name of politics

When you can't beat them join them. He's simple better than you