Ever Wondered Why Some Cows Get Their Horns Cut? Here Is Why

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When a farmer decides to have the horns of his cows cut is for safety reasons and economical reasons as well. The process of having the horns cut off from either the cows, goats and sheep is known as dehorning. Dehorning is preferrably done when a cow is still young and the horns are still small due to excessive bleeding in mature cows with large horns. Though it's a very painful process for the livestock, they are dehorned because of various reasons which are:

1. When a cow has horns, it might be a threat to other cows and to human beings as well. Horned animals can cause serious injuries when they attack and the injuries can lead to death. Cows or goats and sheep with horns are more aggressive than cows without.

2. When it comes to a cows' shed, animals with horns will require a bigger feeding area, a bigger resting area and if it's a dairy cow, it will definitely need a bigger milking area to accommodate it's horns safely.

3. Some cows have horns which grow inwards and they can injure the cow's own skull. 

4. A cow with horns can get stuck in fences. This might lead to a cow breaking its own horns trying to rescue itself. If a cow's horn breaks it can be fatal to the cow.

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