What This Lady Did With The Dead Body Of Her Mother On Their Way To The Mortuary Is Not Right


The absolutely incredible traits found on social media these days are very ludicrous, one person would just start a trend and other people would follow suit without thinking so much as to what it means.

Remember few months ago when it was reported that a man took the picture of his dead wife while embracing her and with his arms around her on their way to the mortuary? The picture went viral and many people were divided on their opinions.

It seems that trend would continue as another lady releases the picture she took while taking her mother to the mortuary in a car.

Her mother just died and was been transported to the mortuary in a car, the lady was sitting beside the body at the back of the car and she decided to take a picture and post it online for everyone to see.

An anonymous guy commented on the picture saying "I don't know how people think about these things at a very sad moment, she should be sobbing, not taking selfies with the lifeless body of your mother, give her the last respect, she deserves as much".

I'm indifference as to whether she takes picture with the body or not, it might be that she intends to take one last photo to remember her mother with, but what I found not proper is posting it on social media for everyone to see.

What do you think? Is this right?

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