"My wife and my family": Fans excited and anticipating, as Dzato of Date Rush calls Grace his wife


Remember Grace and Dzato of Date Rush fame?, well they seem to be taking over quickly from Bella and boy Kodark, our popular loved up couple in our time. They were one out of the many Date rush couples, that many believed will clear the doubts about date rush and actually make them believe that true love can definitely be found on the show.

The foundation of the relationship was finally grounded and affirmed to the knowledge of all during the Reunion show, when Grace publicly expressed her profound love and appreciation for Dzato and how she announced her intention of making their relationship more than just friendship. Many were shocked as it was odd to see a woman confess her feelings of love and propose to a gentleman, live on TV but the two, proved all others wrong with how far and steadily they have taken things and many are actually excited for them.

Now, the two seem to have gotten so attached to each other, to the extent that Dzato now refers to Grace as “my wife". Will we hear wedding bells chiming soon?, because for some of us we don’t want to miss out on the back to back weddings that are taking place all over the country and especially a marriage that is directly connected to Date rush, a show many condemn as unrealistic. Their wedding will definitely cause a stir.

Also, as it is the normal trend for our Date rush stars now, the couple have also decided to release a debut of their official YouTube channel and they have promised to give interesting content regarding both of them and so we should keep our fingers crossed. First it was Bebellino and Sandra, then we had Philip and his date, and now we have Dzato and Grace who have all taken their “friendships” to the next level of “for better or for worse”. What do you make of this?

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