Why Uber Is More Successful Than Other Cab Services

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Uber is an on demand car service that you call through an app, web or text messages. Other car services did not meet some specific needs that the Uber came to find out hence became successful. The three specific needs are; request the service from anywhere, ride with style and convenience and a hassle free payment. To other individuals, these are added safety.

For a business to succeed, it has to meet that which is not met by other services adequately. Uber's success lies within two innovations. First, is the user experience. Customers order and pay with minimal stress using their smartphones. Second, the drivers have a rating system. Users rate their experience during the ride using the app and this allows quality assurance that is absent in regular taxi services.

Another competitive advantage is the brand. Uber can attract customers in new locations because of the brand and reputation. With good reputation, customers would choose Uber as their first choice.

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