Reasons why your pregnancy belly is smaller for your dates in weeks.

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Pregnancy is expected to last from 38 weeks up to 40 weeks normally. But there are exceptions in which the pregnancy can end early or later. During those weeks your belly is expected to grow week by week. For some women the size of their pregnancy belly maybe normal while for others it may be larger or smaller compared to the number of weeks of the pregnancy itself.

In this article we will look at some of the reasons why your pregnancy belly maybe smaller than expected.

1. Maternal size. If genetically the mother is smaller or underweight the belly is expected to be smaller.

2. Fetal size. Some fetus are constitutionally smaller due to their ethnic background. This should not be an area of concern unless complications arise.

3. Fetal congenital abnormalities. This may be chromosomal or structural abnormalities that restrict the growth of the fetus.

4. Fetal congenital infections. If the fetus is infected with certain infections like TB, syphilis, rubella and cytomegalovirus from the mother transferred to the baby during pregnancy.

5. Condition of the mother prior to pregnancy can also contribute. From living in high altitudes, having rental disease, anaemia, respiratory and cardiac disease to tobacco smoking and alcohol use.

6. Placental abnormalities. If the placenta infiltrated, diseased or separated less nutrients goes to the fetus restricting its growth.

7. Post term pregnancy. If you pregnancy has gone past the 40 weeks or expected date of delivery your pregnancy belly may be smaller.

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