Dear Ladies, 4 Things You Shouldn't Do In The Name Of Love

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In today's world, women do a lot of weird things in the name of love. Many people lose their sense of direction when they fall in love and start doing things they would never do on a regular basis. It's excruciatingly painful if the relationship ends after doing these things and doesn't lead to marriage. There are four things you should watch out for and avoid during a relationship.

1) live with a man before marriage (cohabitation). Sometimes most women, when they fall in love, often pack up their things and move in with a man who has not paid his fianc√©e expenses and is unlikely to do so. Fulfilling your responsibilities as a wife when you're not married is a big blunder and a mistake you shouldn't make because of the love you have for a man.

2) Premature birth.

Many young women have murdered their babies or have had multiple abortions just because of their love for a man. This is because they develop feelings for someone who is not their spouse, and when they get pregnant, they can pretend that he is not ready to be a father. This is disheartening because the female puts her life in danger by committing such a heinous act. Accordingly, you should be careful not to make such a mistake.

3) Fulfilling marital responsibilities

Many women in love engage not only in cohabitation before marriage, but also in obligations that must be fulfilled by a spouse. They cook dinner, clean the house and even wash their clothes every day. Either way, they can be disappointed with the relationship. Before you discharge your responsibilities as a wife, make sure you are married.

4) give up your goals and goals for a man. Many young women get pregnant in the name of love and stop going to high school or learning a skill, stifling their desires and imaginative and premonitory thought processes, and rising up as an unsatisfying thought process in life.

Please ladies don't do these things in the name of the heat as they will have various negative consequences.

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