VIDEO: Table for 2 on the waterfall sky. Would you like it

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A table for 2 on the edge of the waterfall from a height. It is made for people to have a great moment while the table is busy swinging around with them. If you are a person who is afraid of heights, this one is not for you, and only those who find it fascinating will go for it.

The couple is having a good time with this beautiful view, and it is not just a great one to have, it is a risky one to have. They are being geared up with emergency ropes that will help them not fall down if something like the table breaks into pieces. They have backup help that will be in motion.


As much as we are thrilled for them, it is also risky. You may have your life at once, but sometimes you can see that you are going to do something risky with your life and you do not want to do it. It is something you would just decide to do because someone has already done it.

You must be ready for it and then know that it is your decision at the end. You would not want to blame someone for it.



1. Buhle: I'd rather stay at home, have Pap and milk.

2. Kethi: Where is the excitement? Imagine having breakfast whilst confronting the possibility of death with your ribs.

3. Mokoto: I know LJ and Rachie might try this one. I am scared of water.

4. LJ: This is definitely not bad. I would try it.

5. Mokoto: I knew LJ would try it.

As for the couple, they have made a good experience for themselves and are having beverages in the moment. As for the comments, it is very interesting to go through them and see what they are exactly thinking about the whole situation.


It should be a good time for the couple. There are other things that are also not friendly or are dangerous to do. It is just a matter of engaging in an activity that is possible for you, and you will never know until you have tried it first.

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