"I Got Very Angry So I Smashed My Phone And Stepped On It Repeatedly And Then This Happened"- Lady


It is very important that we know how to control our anger and not allow it get the better of us. Some people are very destructive when they are angry as they get violent and are not willing to allow people help them. This is not good because a worse problem can occur when we get too angry.

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A lady on Twitter has recounted how she got angry after answering a call. According to her, she smashed her phone in the middle of the road and stepped on it till it got damaged. After she did that, everyone started looking at her in a weird way.

This caused a lot of reaction on Twitter and below are some of them:

The action of this lady show that she was not able to control her anger and it got the better of her. Sometimes it is good to take a deep breath when one gets upset to avoid acting on it momentarily.

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