Mnakwethu: MaMthombeni Threatens To Beat Up MaKhumalo If She Does This, See Here

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There is no telling if the relationship between Thembelani's wives will ever be what the elders want it to be, in the recent episode of the show, the polygamist brought up something that is quite serious about MaMthobeni.

And this was during a meeting that him and MaKhumalo had with MaKhumalo's grandmother and mother, he told them that MaMthombeni can be violent at times. This comes after Thembelani was asked by MaKhumalo's mother where his first wife was.

The elders wanted to make sure that MaKhumalo is in a marriage where her happiness and safety are first priority because it really makes no sense for MaKhumalo to stay in a marriage where she is constantly complaining about not being treated unfairly.

So, how the whole meeting came about is that, MaKhumalo wanted to inform her family how her relationship with Thembelani has been going. It is not clear who really requested the meeting, but it is probably the elders because they gave a lot of advice to their son-in-law about how he should certain things.

As for MaKhumalo, she was telling them how Thembelani has been treating her, she is clearly not happy about some things. She mentioned that Thembelani does not respect her as much as she respects him and the mother came in and told MaKhumalo that she has to understand that a man should be respected in a marriage.

Basically, it seems like the mother did not believe MaKhumalo when she said that she respects Thembelani. Now, she knows MaKhumalo better than anyone, she is her mother and she emphasized on the importance of being respectful.

Going back to the MaMthombeni issue, it is obvious at this point that the first wife has a problem with Thembelani taking in MaKhumalo as a the second wife.

Now, Thembelani even knows that the first wife can be violent and she actually said it herself, she said that she would beat up MaKhumalo if ever there is an attempt to ruin what she has with Thembelani.

Everything is still complicated in this polygamous marriage, but they will probably figure it out as time goes, if they do not, then it is all on them.

Hopefully, the two wives will get along because fighting each other really serves no purpose, surely everyone knows their place, so there should not be all the unnecessary drama going on.

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