Another Big Win To Ruto As Popular Leader And Also Kenyan Celebrity Joins His Party

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The deputy president William Ruto has been touring most of the counties in order to gain more supporters for the August election.There has been many leaders joining United Democratic Alliance Party while others joining Azimio la Umoja party.

Today Jaguar has officially joined UDA Party party to vie for a post during nominations with Simion Mbugua.The deputy president William Ruto has been spreading his agenda of the bottom up economic model and empowering the Youths to get jobs.Jaguar has been so silent on wether to support the deputy president William Ruto presidential bid but today he has joined the party.

Ruto has not been in good terms with his boss Uhuru Kenyatta since the handshake was conducted between the president and ODm boss Raila Amolo Odinga.The president has been so close to the ODm leader Raila as this could show on whom he will handover power to.The deputy president has been assuring his supporters that he is well prepared enough to face his opponents.

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