Avatar vs Ben 10, who is your best Cartoon Network hero

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Who is your best CN hero, every young child coming up of age from year 2005 should know this two characters, if you never knew Ben 10 or Avatar Aang you really missed the best part of growing up as a child.

Below we are going to see the best Cartoon Network hero.

1. Avatar 'The Last Air Bending'


The Four Element





2. Ben 10


1. His Omnitrix

*Which includes 10 powerful aliens

Avatar vs Ben 10

Lets set the rules. 

1. Both combatants are teleported to the Disney earth.

* so no one has the home field advantage.

2. Ben 10 has the original Omnitrix (not the Ultimatrix) and Aang can't reach the Avatar state.

3. Ben 10 can turn into any of the aliens he has previously used and the Omnitrix can not power out, while Aang has mastered all of the elements including lightning and blood bending.

4. Both combatants have 20 minutes to prepare.

The only way Avatar can with the battle is if only he blood bends the alien Ben transformed into, and remember blood bending was Ban in the Avatar and I don't think he'll like to use that against the kid Ben 10, or better still before Ben could get the chance of changing into an alien Avatar could just quickly earth bend Ben's left.

Avatar can't stand a chance with Ben's aliens because they are too powerful, and remember Avatar is just flesh and blood, just a punch from Four Arm could knock Aang out, since the rules States Aang can't enter Avatar State and Ben 10 watch can't power out, I guess we all know the winner.

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