Ways to stop all road accidents in Ghana


There has been several road and car accidents recently. The number of death in the country in just four months or less are more than 700. This makes the road users worry whenever they travel. This is because, the level of road accidents on the road is alarming.

One will tell you he or she is travelling and in few seconds time, you will hear a news that he or she is dead through an accident. Road accident also can happen anywhere and at anytime. This is a major worry in the country because the level of death toll in the country in just few month is even more than the corona virus death cases. We must know the cause of these accidents and solve it with immediate effect.

1. Poor roads in the country. There are number of poor road networks in the country. But if the government hasn't fixed it, we the drivers must know how to drive on every aspect of road or any road type. We must be very careful when we see portholes in the middle of the road. We must reduce the speed on these roads. This will protects us

2. Stop overtaking. Overtaking of vehicles in front of you must be done with good and with a perfect accuracy. All drivers needs a licence and they need to be trained very well before they use the road.

3. Avoid speeding. Most drivers do get up early in order to avoid traffic on the road. This makes them do a lot of speeding on the road. And this can cause crashes at any time. We must obey road signs and traffic rules.

Also all motor, and tricycle riders must also know that they are very at same risk as the drivers. Do not overtake cars during traffic and follow all the rules for your safe arrival.

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