Dream interpretation of losing your shoe in the dream

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To recover your stolen shoes in the dream demands serious prayers.

 It is a responsibility for every believer to recover the shoes of their glory stolen by the enemy. Shoes is a very common dream that has affected the lives of people. For example, if you dream that your shoe is stolen, there is a problem.

 If you dream that one of your shoes cannot be found, there is a trouble, If you dream that you normally wear an over-sized shoes, it shows that you are already under satanic torments. 

There are shoes that portends blessings There are shoes that initiates bad luck to person. 

Every time there is a negative occurrence about shoes in the dream, There should be a need to protect your marriage and life

Dream about shoes can put your marriage under severe attacks and while others can make your journey of life better. 

Whichever way you look at it, shoe dream is a mirror that reveals the plans of God and the programme of devil for our marital lives. Briefly lets look at some of these powers that stole shoes in the dream. These includes: Foundational powers Envious witchcraft Strange woman powers Ancestral powers   The mystery of shoe in the dream cannot be explained by human reasoning except through the enlightenment by the spirit of God. For example, in 

Song-of-Solomon 7:1,

 “How beautiful are thy feet with shoes, O prince’s daughter! the joints of thy thighs [are] like jewels, the work of the hands of a cunning workman.” There is something important to note in the above verse; ”…How beautiful are thy feet with shoes, O prince’s daughter!…”The verse is also explaining to us the important of our shoes. It reminds us that our shoes can portray our beauty especially in the feet of a woman. Shoe is still consider as one of the factors that keeps us moving in life. It completes our style of dressing. In Luke 10:4, ”Carry neither purse, nor scrip, nor shoes: and salute no man by the way.” 



 It means direction It means determination to succeed It means on a mission to fulfil destiny It means beauty of the body It means fruitfulness It means marital connection It means financial favour This dream only interpret when your shoes are in complete form in the dream. It means good. Know that your complete shoes in the dream does not exempt you from the battles of life. It will triggers some problems, although it also encourage you to protect your shoes. Shoe in the dream is quite good when your shoes are in complete form, that is, you can locate your two shoes in the dream. God may decide to use this shoe in the dream to speak to your current challenges depending on how you dreamt it. 


These are the meanings of the shoes that was lost and shoes that is not complete. It means your blessings have been stolen It shows your marriage is seriously under attack It indicates marital delay It portends a spiritual attack It means the key of your destiny have been taken away It shows that your close enemy is in charge of your loss It means you have devourer around you It means loss of direction It shows the need to wander about It shows parts of your belongings have been deposited to the coven It means satanic bondage It shows marital curse A person that often experience the dream of stealing or incomplete shoe, the person needs to go for deliverance. Because the devil that tries to steal your shoes in the dream, he is trying to use the shoe against you. 

That shoe is a blessings and glory to you. 

The moment this dream is frequent, then, there is a trouble about to befall you. You need to pray and fast very well.  


 If you dream that you are wearing a new pair of shoes,

 It means God is changing your story. If you are in a serious situation, this dream tells you that the Almighty is solving your problems. 

New shoes represents a symbol of glory, new identity, beauty, and it also tells you that good thing will come to you. 

When you put on a new shoe, you will definitely attract favour and people will love to associate themselves with you. 

But if you wear an old shoe, it means the devil is really fighting against your new level. 

An indication of setbacks, poverty and rejection  

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