Amber Ray Accuses Blogger Edgar Obare of Bullying Her Clients (Screenshots)


Today, one of Edgar Obare's followers texted him that Amber Ray was lying about the improved performance of a business that she had advertised on her Facebook page. 

Amber had shared a screenshot of a review by the business owner stating that he had gained 300 followers after she advertised his business.

However, the follower who texted Edgar revealed that after taking a before and after Screenshot, he noticed that the business only gained 14 followers.

After the allegations, blogger Edgar Obare texted the business 'mm quality meats butchery' to get the truth of the matter.

When he asked for the analytics for the given period, his message went unanswered, a clear sign that the review might have been fake.

Today evening, Amber Ray shared a screenshot of Edgar's conversation with the business and accused him of bullying her clients. She told Edgar to mind his own business and stay on his lanes.

"I know you hate me and it's okay but why go and bully my clients?" she wrote on her Instagram stories while sharing the screenshot.