3 Main Challengers David Rudisha Will Face off When He Comes Back To Competitive Running

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There have been speculations that the 800 M world record holder, the 2012 & 2016 Olympics Champion David Lekuta Rudisha might make a comeback to competitive running. He has had been down because of injuries for a couple of years. He just had a an implant removed from his leg surgical and he said that he is now ready to do some running. "I had a successful surgery of removal of an implant on my left leg that has been there for the last one year and a half. At least I will be back soon doing some running."

Even though David Rudisha is by far the best man to ever run a 800 M distance, the fact that he has been away for such a long time, his come back might not lead to him getting back to the top of the world. His main competitors were still working and running while he was away. Here are four main competitors David Rudisha will be facing off in the field:

1. Nijel Amos

The 27 year old from Botswana has had some serious head to head competitions with David Rudisha in the past. In the 2012 Olympics Games, Nijel Amos came second behind David Rudisha's 1:40.91(WR, OR) with a WJR of 1:41.73 which is his personal best to date. He has still been running competitively and his latest competition is the Tokyo Olympics.

2. Emmanuel Korir

In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games, Emmanuel Korir won a Gold medal for Team Kenya. He has a personal best of 1:42.05. The 26 yrs old is the 600 M indoor world record holder.

3. Ferguson Rotich

The 31 year old won a silver medal in the 2020 Olympics Games behind his team mate Emmanuel Korir. He has a PB of 1:42.54 in the 800 M distance.

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