Latest Opinion Polls Between Wanga And Kidero Ahead of Election

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A poll conducted by Research Mtaani in Homabay was released yesterday. This was done to assess the chances of Gladys Wanga of ODM or Kidero winning in August. The outcome was unexpected, as the independent candidate appeared to be ahead of the ODM candidate in Luo Nyanza. The analysis is provided below.

In Karachuonyo subcounty, Kodero has 55 percent of the vote, while Wanga has 43 percent.Kidero has 44 percent of the vote in Kasipul, while Wanga has 49 percent.

Wanga has 52 percent of the vote in Kabondo Kasipul, while Kidero has 47 percent. Kidero has a massive 67 percent in Ndhiwa, while Wanga has 31.1 percent.

Kidero has 50 percent of the vote in Homabay town, while Wanga has 46 percent.

Kidero then had a massive 68 percent. What is your opinion, according to this message? Trending world-wide Give your opinion by commenting for more information. Follow the channel.

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