Hawks shoots man who break into SABC'S building.

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During the early hours of Sunday, a 27-year-old man allegedly stormed into the SABC headquarters in Bloemfontein and assaulted security guards before being shot by one of them.

A security officer saw an intruder inside the premises and quickly summoned backup, according to the Hawks. The suspect was apprehended and transferred to a local hospital, where he is still under heavy security.

Hawks spokesperson Brigadier Thandi Mbambo said in his statement, "It is further alleged that the suspect attacked the security officials, and one official managed to pull out his official firearm and shot the suspect." 

The Hawks are looking into a business burglary, trespassing, malicious property damage, and intimidation case. Following the shooting, authorities are looking into an attempted murder case. The suspect is set to appear in court in the near future.

Source: https://www.news24.com/news24/southafrica/news/man-27-shot-after-allegedly-breaking-into-the-sabcs-offices-in-bloemfontein-20220116

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