COVID is Over Mmata || King Monada Gets Dragged on Twitter For Saying This. See What Mzansi Did Next

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Twitter users are slamming King Monana over his dangerous COVID-19 conspiracy idea.

Twitter users are enraged that the singer dismissed the virus's severity, as more cases and fatalities are recorded daily. When asked how often COVID-19 tests are done, King Monada said "very rarely."

Asked about COVID-19, Malwedhe replied: The self-centeredness of Twitter users was slammed His message was retweeted as follows: "People are dying yet certain role models are laughing at this killer illness."

In 2021, the virus infected many artists and regular people. A sick Minnie Dlamini lamented not being able to bond with her 1-year-old son Netha.

“Working away from my child is tough. Worse than being in the same home with him, but not being able to embrace or kiss him,

He's very young. Hope he gets it. “COVID stinks,” she said. Musa and Liesel got sick and had to be quarantined for a while. The day Musa had to return to work, he was pained by the absence of his ailing wife.

“One of the darkest days ever. I had to leave my ill child at home to return to work. God bless those battling COVID at home. Wishing you and your family well! Daily, we will defeat COVID!

Liesl called it HECTIC. She was grateful for Musa's attention. In addition, she praised their supporters.

On July 30, 2021, at the Milpark private hospital in Johannesburg, actor and TV producer Shona Ferguson died of COVID-19-related complications. Atosie Pilane, his sister-in-law, claimed he battled valiantly.

Mr. Sho battled. He battled valiantly. For two weeks, my family's faith grew and it seemed like he had a plan for us. So we prayed. For the family, those two weeks were a turnaround. The nurse would worry and shake when we arrived at the hospital. They done their best and now it's time to say goodbye. After spending the day there, unfortunately, around 23h50 on the 29th. He was steady and improving, so we kept doing what we were doing until the next day, when the doctor arrived to tell us to stop. We went home to clean up and got a call telling us to return to the hospital immediately. The physicians said my brother had just died when we arrived.

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