It Is Beyond Imagination And Shock As The Newlyweds Were Forced To Do The Unexpected


Covid-19 pandemic has caused havoc to many people in the world. The disease has led to the death if more than three million of people globally. Every country is doing what it takes to contain the disease. For the developed countries, they are fastening the vaccination exercise. However, most nations have not gotten the vaccines on time. This is bet of high demands of the said product compared to the supply.

This has led many countries to employ other measures to stop the spread of the disease. One of these measures are lockdowns, minimizing the number of people who can gather in any social event. The Republic of Rwanda is also doing the same. President Kagame of Rwanda banned any gathering of more than twenty people. A couple in Rwanda will never forget their D-Day. Just when the wedding was about to end, the police stormed the event.

All members present were arrested and taken to the nearby stadium. They were to spend the night on the football pitch, to serve as a lesson for others.

"The pain and humiliation I’ve gone through are unexplainable. Subjecting people to such humiliation cannot make them fear COVID-19 or follow the measures,” she said.