Is famous Dj in Karma already or it just misunderstanding?

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Metro fm DJ Dineo Ranaka was suspended from Metro due to misconduct. After a video where Dineo was seen dancing on top of the office desk for the change #UmlandoChalenge. She was suspended from work until the further notice. Unfortunately she gained more supporters who doesn't like the way she's been treated in metro. Social media user called Theo said karma came so quickly to Dineo, after insulting her boyfriend in public now this.

The social media users thinks this is unfair she supposed to be given a warning and let her go. The fact that she didn't out anyone in danger and the office was empty leave people with so many unanswered questions. If she was doing this in front of her colleagues would be the the misconduct.

Some people things this is related to racism, social users thinks if it was another race they would do that. While others make it clear that they don't like her but to be suspended is exeggerated.

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