Watch : Man takes a girlfriend to a picnic using a police car

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Public funds are not a laughing matter ,People go to bed hungry, people have had businesses shutdown during the pandemic. People are being evicted. Every cent spent must be accounted for. 

Every cent spent must meet all ethical standards. It is unfortunate that during the unrest in South Africa on July of this months , police where unable to protect the country to an extent that the military of the republic was called . 

However there are people who are using state police cars to go to picnics with their girlfriends and boyfriends. Police Minister Bheki Cele said the man who used the police car to go to a picnic with his girlfriend will be dealt with . 

Bheki Cele said it was distasteful for a police car to go to a romantic date using state car which was supposed to be saving lives of the people of South Africa . 

It is a common cause that South Africa is heading to be a banana republic , with the latest stats which was published showing that most cars of police get accidents when they are actually not doing the jobs . 

There will be nothing thing left soon if we do not hold those with connections and positions accountable in our South African police service (SAPS) . 

The disgruntled Police commissioner Khehla Sithole said that police officers who were using state cars for their personal things were the country backwards . 

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