Never knew the jungle could be this fun

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1.Dog chasing cheetah.

Am pretty sure the dog just finished listening to some motivational quote waking up the lion in him.2.Family troubles.

Humans think they are the only ones having problems.After long days of hustle man must rest the body.

3.The debate couples.

Actually am not a specialist but I know deep down their are two genders here and the one on the right is probably the female. 4.Teasing wife.

No need for explanation there is no doubt the left giraffe is the female teasing the male after causing trouble.

5.Fittness coach.

Don't be surprised to see a frog doing pull up or yoga in the jungle.Afterall everyone deserves to be fit.

6.Father and son.

This little cube do not know he is going to do a huge mistake of his lifetime.Playing with daddy's balls.

7.Dancing monkey.

Just shake your body to the beat when u feel stressed out. Whenever you are in the jungle make sure you have your camera handy to capture some awesome memories.

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