Joe Igbokwe Blows Hot, As He said Ndígbo Cannot Live Together If Their Request Is Granted.


Joe Igbokwe, the former spokesperson of All Progressives Congress (APC), Lagos State, I his speech advised Ndígbo to forget about Biafra agitation as it would destroy their unity and oneness they share.

In a video obtained by Anambra State Broadcasting Service , Joe Igbokwe who is currently the Special Adviser for Drainage and Water Resources to Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwolu warned that what happened in South Sudan would not be compared to the room that awaits Ndígbo, if Biafra is granted to them, as Igbos will selfishly devour themselves in quest for resources.

He further expressed himself in Igbo parables, saying that he would not relent in revealing the truth because little children will wear a young snake on their neck thinking it is a necklace if elders fail to speak the truth.

Furthermore, he explained that what an elder squats and sees, a child who climbs an Iroko will not see it. Therefore, experience is wisdom and cannot be acquired through formal education as truth can be atimes piercing and painful but the benefits thereof is incomparable.

Joe Igbokwe, who is an Nnewi-born technocrat described himself as a mighty masquerade and angrily said that members of the Ndígbo, threatened to deal with him for speaking against Biafra and described them as nonentities questioning whom their fathers are. To affirm his point, he explained that he was among those that were banished from the land and yet couldn’t be threatened.

Speaking like a father, he advised Igbos to think well about their decision and how they would survive in Biafra as the Igbo considering their selfish desires. And also, they should stop ranting for marginalization as they are the main beneficiaries of Nigeria as some of the Igbos have have largest investment in Abuja and would be victim if their request is granted.