Top Three Beautiful Embassies in Nairobi


The pride of a country lies in the ability of the country to keep a good relationship with other countries. This good relationship keeps the countries expanding their economic ties and evolving trade ties. However, the greatest of this relationship is when both the two countries send an ambassador to represent the country in the foreign nations. However, this only happens when the two countries are in good terms. In Nairobi Kenya, several embassies which houses ambassadors from different foreign countries are located here. Here are the three beautiful embassies in Nairobi that can make you think are located in London.

1. Tanzanian Embassy.

The republic of Tanzania is one of the East African countries neighbouring Kenya. Due to good relationship with Kenya, Tanzania has send his ambassador to represent the country in Kenya. The Tanzanian embassy to Kenya is one of the beautiful embassies which is well fabricated with Flora and Fauna. It comes number one on my list and below are the pictures.

2. The United States of America Embassy

United states of America is one of the greatest countries on earth. For a long time Kenya has been enjoying good relationship with this country. This relationship was cemented when the son of Kenyan soil Barrack Hussein Obama became the president of this great country. Well, Kenya and USA have been united on peace keeping mission in Somalia where the two countries have played a major role. Here are the pictures of the Embassy.

3. The Australian Embassy

Australia is a country in Australian continent. This country also has its embassy in Kenya. The Australian Embassy in Kenya houses the ambassador of Australia to Kenya. Below are pictures of the Australian Embassy.