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It is very crucial for every individuals to be hardworking, skillful and talented, so you will be comprehended by great people in the society. Success is not all about been hardworking and skillful, you must be social to people and avoid to discriminate anyone because you don't know who will help you tomorrow. Chinenye Uyanna is a hardworking, talented and social individual who work hard to reach the peak of success, she has been recognized by great people because of her hardworking spirit and also the good way she treat people.

Chinenye Uyanna is a prominent Nollywood Actress, film maker, producer, model and economist. She is normally good in acting Romantic and Action thriller Nollywood movies. Chinenye started acting film when she was in tender age, she started acting right from her provincial Church in Lagos State, When she was 16-year-old.

After Chinenye graduated from her University, she later joined Nigerian Nollywood industry, and she made her professional acting debut In a movie titled "shakara Babe". She has featured with prominent Nigeria actors and actresses such as, Yui Edochie, Destiny Etiko, Zubby Michael, Regina Daniel and many more.

Chinenye Uyanna is beautiful and talented, she is introverts in nature. One thing I like about her is the way she normally composed herself in public places, she is the types of individual that like mailing her photos on Internet, check out some of her beautiful photos below.

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